Hi! I am Ceren*. I am a sixth year graduate student in mathematics at UT Austin. My research interests lie in low-dimensional topology, with particular emphasis on knot theory and 3-manifolds.

My advisor is Cameron Gordon.

Here is my curriculum vitae and my papers on arXiv.

fkose at math.utexas.edu

* Although it is my middle name, I have always gone by Ceren. Its pronunciation, I am (frequently) told, can be troublesome for non-Turkish speakers but it’s actually very simple. Think of it as Jeren (in Turkish the letter C has the same sound as the letter J in English, like jewel). In IPA [ʤeren].

This semester, Allie Embry and I are leading a learning seminar on the L-space conjecture.

This summer, with Şefika Kuzgun and Oğuz Şavk, I am organizing DRP Turkey, a directed reading program which pairs undergraduate students studying mathematics at universities in Turkey with young researchers working at institutions around the world to work together on selected books or articles in mathematics.